Advantages and characteristics graphite ultrafine grinding mill


In the construction of national economy, the application value of graphite powder is very high, the market prospect is very optimistic. As a graphite powder grinding mill manufacturers, Fujian Fengli based on the development of the market, successfully developed graphite grinding mill in order to meet the demand of graphite ore powder through continuous innovation and upgrading and improvement. The performance is more stable, is the preferred equipment to achieve efficient processing of graphite ore milling. In the near future, another big graphite mine was found in Heilongjiang province. This important discovery will play a great role in promoting of the whole economic construction.

In May 2016, Liaoning City of Heilongjiang province Exploration Institute began to carry out detailed investigation work of graphite ore of Mishan City. After field survey, proved 41 ore bodies were obtained to estimate the control and infer the intrinsic economic resources reserves graphite ore amount of two thousand million tons, the average grade is 8.41%. The graphite ore in this area is characterized by large scale of ore body, large scale of ore, high grade and good selection, which belongs to large sedimentary metamorphic ore deposit. 

Graphite ore been deep mining is very favorable for the economic development, the use of graphite has been very wide such as the production of high temperature smelting crucible, the mechanical industrial lubricants, electrode and pencil lead; used in metallurgical industry advanced refractory materials and coatings, military industrial explosive materials, light stabilizer industrial pencil brush, electrical industry, battery industry, electrode catalyst in the chemical fertilizer industry, as a manufacturer of graphite grinding mill supplier, Fujian Fengli is market centric to provide graphite grinding mill selection program for different customers to create greater benefits for graphite enterprise.

What are the advantages and characteristics Fengli graphite grinding mill? In fact, our grinding mill has been the national advocated energy saving and environmental protection milling equipment, graphite grinding mill integrate with grinding, classifying, transportation as a whole, high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption which is 40%-50% less compared to the ball mill; single production capacity is large, high degree of automation, equipped with automatic control system; Can realize remote control, simple operation, basically no manual work, whole sealing system, negative pressure operation, no dust spill, can achieve dust free workshop, is the excellent graphite powder processing equipment.

Fujian Fengli graphite ultrafine grinding mill: ACM ultrafine impact crusher

[Maximum size of feed]: ≤10mm

[Production capacity]: 0.5-5t/h

[Finished Fineness]: 200-3500mesh

[Features]: 1.Using the numerical simulation software to design a suitable crushing and split flow, optimize the grinding machine host and worm wheel air flow structure design. 2.Multi row and multi-layer device added to the machine to achieve multi-level material grinding Machine internal airflow channel and crushing area work independently. 3.Internal water cooling circulating device, suitable for grinding heat sensitive material (such as polyvinyl alcohol), It will not be deteriorated as the material temperature rised during crushing process, such as Crushed polyvinyl alcohol to produce "bubble" material and make the material color changed that affect the quality of products. At the same time also reduces the material flow with high rotation speed and friction into a ball, so that more difficult to crush. 4.Installed power is small,Installed power one-fourth less than other similar models. 5.The pulverizing hammer and the gear ring is made of super hard alloy materials through special processing, easy-wear parts are made of wear-resistant processing, greatly improving the service life of the wearing parts, service life is 3-4 times than other similar models, and greatly reduce the iron impurities (widely used in this manner). 6.A high degree of automation, the whole machine adopts the full closed negative pressure operation, the production environment is clean, no dust pollution, dust emission is less than 20mg/m3 (national environmental protection standard ≤35mg/m3), completely meet the national environmental protection requirements.

[Focus areas]: Focus on magnesite, manganese ore, gypsum, calcite, barite, fluorite, marble and other Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity less than 6% non-metallic mineral ultra-fine processing and AC foaming agent, carbon black, sulfur and other chemical material grinding, the equipment with a number of countries patented technology, performance reached the national leading level.

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