High capacity grinding mill to promote green production of high sulfur petroleum coke


Our grinding mill is advanced equipment in line with the state vigorously promote energy saving and environmental protection production. In R&D and manufacturing of grinding mill field, Fujian Fengli with dedicated spirit, rich manufacturing experience developed high-tech production technology and sophisticated equipment for high sulfur petroleum coke powder market, it has verified excellent quality and stable performance, low investment cost of Fengli grindingl mill, the price of grindingl mill is consistent with each customer's production needs with great market competitiveness.

Petroleum coke has its unique physical, chemical and mechanical properties. It is the volatile carbon, volatile and mineral impurities (sulfur, metal compounds, water and ash), which determine the chemical properties of coke. For example, the quality of cooked sweet coke mainly used in the manufacture of ultra-high power graphite electrode and some special carbon products; needle coke in steelmaking industry is an important material of new technology development of EAF steelmaking. Medium sulfur, common cooked coke is used for aluminum smelting in large quantity. High sulfur and ordinary coking are used in chemical production, such as the manufacture of calcium carbide, silicon carbide, etc., as well as the fuel used as metal casting. Most of the petroleum coke produced in China belongs to low sulfur coke, which is mainly used to make aluminum and make graphite. With the progress and development of science and technology, petroleum coke application areas will be further expanded and extended. As the petroleum coke grinding roller mill machine research and development base, Fujian Fengli stay with industry development trend, constantly enhance the capability of independent innovation, produce more high-end, further improve the performance and stability of the petroleum coke grinding mill.

Petroleum coke grinding mill integration with grinding, classifying, transportation as a whole, a single large production capacity, high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption, and low energy consumption which is 40%-50% lower compared to the ball mill; low wearing, grinding roller and grinding plate liner using special material which is longer service life; the system is whole sealing, negative pressure operation, no dust spill, no dust workshop can be achieved; uniform particle morphology, narrow size distribution, good liquidity, product flexibility; because the sealing device of grinding roller, so the sealing performance is more reliable, no need to install the sealed blower, can reduce the oxygen content in the mill, the equipment of explosion suppression performance is more perfect.

Fujian Fengli petroleum coke ultrafine grinding mill: FLM ultrafine grinding mill

[Maximum size of feed]: ≤10mm

[Production capacity]: 3-5t/h

[Finished Fineness]: 325-2500mesh

[Features]: 1.Grinding machine is based on petroleum coke characteristics, using numerical simulation software to design the most suitable crushing and classifying flow field, to optimize main engineer system and turbo air classifier design, effective solution to the problem of adhesion, increased capacity and no large particle size appear; 2.The mill is good at small installed power, optimizing system structure, reducing energy consumption greatly, installed power lower than other similar models; 3.The mill is powerful blowing when running,also has a certain drying function on material; the device can dry material with 80-100 ℃ flue gas. Raw water is 9%, the finished powder moisture ≤3%; Raw water is 7%, the finished powder moisture ≤2.2%; Raw water is 5%, the finished powder moisture ≤1.5%; 4.The mill choose unique design and a constant flow field of gas-solid concentration control technology, a uniform particle size, narrow distribution, no large particle size, and to ensure the stable operation of the system a long time 5.Grinding hammer and ring use cemented carbide materials which made through a special process, the alloy wearing spare parts use abrasion treatment, which increase the service life of wearing parts, service life is 3-4 times than other similar models ,and greatly reduces the contamination of iron impurities; (this method has been very good in application a number of units)

[Focus areas]: Focus on dolomite, magnesite, manganese ore, gypsum, calcite, barite, fluorite, marble and other Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity less than 6% non-metallic mineral ultra-fine processing and AC foaming agent, carbon black, sulfur and other chemical material grinding, chilli, spice, dried fruit, dried vegetable, salt, sugar and other food grinding. the equipment with a number of countries patented technology, performance reached the national leading level.

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