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The tea through the instant grinding method, crushed into more than 600 mesh of tea powder, to maximize the retention of the original natural green tea and nutrition, pharmacology, does not contain any chemical additives. Instant tea is a kind of solid drink tea which can be quickly dissolved in water. There are two kinds of instant tea, pure tea and blended tea, and pure tea is made up of instant black tea, instant oolong tea, instant jasmine tea and so on.

Ultramicro tea powder:

Tea powder is made of fresh tea leaves by high temperature steaming and special processing, an instant smash into more than 400 mesh of the pure natural tea steaming powder, maximally keep the original color of the tea as well as nutritional, pharmacological ingredients, does not contain any chemical additives, except for direct drinking, can be widely added in various types of flour products (cake, bread, biscuits, Hanging noodles, tofu); frozen food (milk jelly, ice cream, ice cream, frozen Glutinous Rice Balls, yogurt); chocolate candy, melon seeds, moon cake fillings, medicine and health care products, daily chemical products and so on, in order to strengthen the function of nutrition, different tea can be made in different tea powder. The same kind of tea production process, will also have the very big difference.

Instant Tea Powder:

Instant tea powder is extracted by means of extraction of the active ingredients in tea, belonging to plant extracts. Instant tea powder can be completely dissolved in water, can be directly consumed or after the deployment of drinking.

  • Fengli ACM/A series are highly efficient super-fine punch-action mechanical micro grinding machines of performing the complete process of material grinding, separation and making of the finished product within the same tightly integrated system.

  • Fujian Customer

  • Grinding machine: ACM-420A

  • Material size: 15-20mm

  • Product fineness: D97=37.1micron

  • Output:50kg/h

ACM Impact Crusher


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